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Guda Koster Emiko Kato

Zilvinas Landsbergas (LT)
′8 pm′
Artist Talk & Exhibition

Opening Thu 1 Feb, 5 – 9 pm
Exhibition 2 – 4 Feb, 3 – 6 pm

′8 pm′ is an installation consisting of sculptural objects, architectural models and a projection of an animated film that creates a melancholy state of mind, ′the blues′. The setting is the result of an intuitive research into urban environments – neighborhoods and smaller social nodes that have a specific frequency, wavelength, or vibe creating an atmosphere of languor, longing and stagnation. Thus, a particular moment in a day is given a form.

The artist Zilvinas Landsbergas works in Vilnius and Amsterdam and is currently a resident at De Ateliers. His work tells stories about sudden changes of habits and everyday life, referring to the drastic changes of post–socialism. Through the seemingly random fragments of daily objects, clothes, or pieces of architecture, he re-constructs a tangible atmosphere of déjà vu. Experimenting in diverse media, the artist favors ′outdated′ materials – from found objects, cardboard and rubber to slides and animation – temporal and rich in reminiscences of the ′bygone′ modernist social project. His emphatic selection of materials also touches upon a theoretical consideration of the object in art, lost in a space between a physical and a digital third dimension.