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Virginija Januskeviciute (LT)
CAC TV: A Time-Slot For Imagining Alternate Realities
Curator Talk

@ Jacquelines place, Govert Flinckstraat 299, Amsterdam

Thursday, 28 February, 8.30 pm

One day in the summer of 2003 a famous TV journalist in Lithuania phoned the director of the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius and invited him for a cup of coffee. They talked about a new commercial TV channel that was about to be launched. Its content and program were not yet very clear, but the journalist did not waste time to exclaim: 'We would like to have a program by the Contemporary Art Centre on our channel'. While the CAC had no experience in making television, it ventured to reinvent the medium itself. CAC TV started as a reality meta-show and was broadcast weekly between 2004 and 2007. Produced by a rotating cast of artists, cable-access producers, TV skeptics and enthusiasts, it followed multiple adventures in TV-land through planned accidents and unscripted actions. CAC TV will now be presented by agentur: in transit: in a private place where the signal can still be picked up.

Virginija Januskeviciute is a curator at the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius and a curatorial fellow at De Appel (07/08), working on the project Master Humphreys Clock, currently being presented in De Appel Shadow Cabinet.

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