Vera Lauf Vera Lauf

Vera Lauf (D)
Artist ⁄ Curator Talk: Practices in Dialogue

@ 2x2projects, Veemkade 350, Amsterdam

Monday May 12, 20.00

German artists Betram Haude, Angela Köntje and Peter Frey represent agentur: at KunstVlaai 08 in Amsterdam, with recent videoworks. For the agentur: in transit: presentation the art historian and curator Vera Lauf will discuss their collaborative projects, such as Demokratie als Prozess or the publication Entenrepublik. Those realized projects impart essential questions regarding conditions of democracy in relation to public art projects, artist′s chances to appropriate and create spaces and the self–organization it requires. Through exhibitions, workshops, presentations and publications they create a platform for dialogues between theoreticians and practicians, artists and curators, activists and theoriticians, artists and the public.

With thanks to: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Deutsche Botschaft Den Haag, KunstVlaai A.P.I. & 2x2projects