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Unsentimental Journey Unsentimental Journey

Unsentimental Journey
Quirijn Kuchlein (NL), Sabine Mooibroek (CH / NL), Mieke van de Voort (NL)
Screening with Artist’s Presentation

@ de Veemvloer: van Diemenstraat 410, Amsterdam

Thursday, 17 April, 8 pm

A piece of polder that will soon be underwater, a disappearing lane of trees, Suriname’s December Murders, or the artist that stops making art: political and social themes form the points of departure of the presentation Unsentimental Journey. An expressive account of momentary recordings and interpretations on video, film and slide.

Mieke van de Voort
The artist Mieke van der Voort will be showing Sabisani: a photo series based on the December Murders in Suriname 20 years later, and a video recording of a forum discussion concerning current policy on the December Murders. This video focuses on the relation of the December Murders to the colonial past of Suriname and the connection between the constitutional state and democracy. Van de Voort’s second piece: Integrity Constrained from 2007, is a 60mm slide series in black & white showing a journey to the parameters of the preventative ‘fouilleerzone’ in Amsterdam Zuidoost.

Quirijn Kuchlein
The Promise: Hanzelijn is a 35mm slide series in black & white made by Kuchlein in 2007.
On a land strip in the polder landscape of Eastern Flevoland, intended for a railroad line, four rows of poplars were planted in anticipation of the construction. Now, fifty years later, as the railroad track is laid, the poplars that have grown to maturity in the meantime, must be cut down. The Promise: Hanzelijn thus becomes a monument for a row of trees. The Promise: Wieringerrandmeer (2008) is a 10-minute black & white 16mm film that deals with the advanced plans to place a part of the Wieringermeer polder underwater in order to prevent Wieringen from becoming an island. The film shows an exploration along the future water line.

Sabine Mooibroek
The 4 minute color video Why I actually stopped writing? (2007) explores the phenomenon of the artist that ends his or her artistic production. The writer Werner Wiedenmeier is one of them. The irony of his 'thirteen reasons' impressed Sabine Mooibroek. Because the short film as a medium is also a form of 'publication', Why I actually stopped writing? publicizes one of his texts. The act of the artist thus resists the decision of the writer.
Bye Patrick, bye! made by Mooibroek in 2006, is a 27-minute color digibeta video, that through its documentary intentions and undertone holds reality close to heart, while from the beginning untill end it has the intensity of a movie.

With thanks to: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, de Veemvloer & Quirijn Kuchlein