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Takako Hamano

Ula Tornau (LT)
Presentation On Transformed Spaces. Amsterdam – Vilnius
Curator′s Talk

Fri Jun 30, 20.30

As in other countries in post–socialist regions having experienced recent political changes, the environment, cultural life and everyday lifestyles in Lithuania have radically changed. Naturally, the density and diversity of these alterations are most apparent in urban spaces. In the blink of an eye city dwellers saw the disappearance of certain points of reference and a domination of new codes. This raised questions on the continuity of the appearance of urban areas and challenged the capacity of its inhabitants to adapt quickly, thus retransforming the new environment into a recognisable space in order to recreate some place of their own. Considering the speed in which urban public space has been significantly altered, this act of recreating often required a lot of flexibility and informality and was often only possible on temporary terms.

This presentation offers various glimpses of casual stories evolving around such places which either succeeded or failed to host transforming identities. It will comment on the artwork of Mirjam Wirtz, Deimantas Narkevicius and Kristina Inciuraite, and will introduce the urban initiative and protest–lab Lietuva, that deals with different aspects of this process, referring to this transformation of urban space, as well as to disappearing areas and outdated modes of the everyday.

Ula Tornau has worked for the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius. Currently she is pursuing research in recent urban history at the University of Utrecht.