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Tilmann Meyer-Faje

Tilmann Meyer-Faje (D/NL)
Artist Talk
Moderator: Marjolein Schaap, Art Theoretician & Curator

@ Volkskrantgebouw, Wibautstraat 150 - 4th floor, Amsterdam

Thursday 7 Feb, 8 pm

Utopian illusions work as stimulating factors in our daily lives. City planning, politics, advertising, and science are driven by ambitious objectives. Tilmann Meyer-Faje examines the extent to which they comply with their promises as he lets these dreams take form in his performances. His work reveals an irony arising through the discrepancy between marketing language and actual experience.

In this lecture, the artist will present a number of his "utopian illusions" as they have appeared in projects including De Universiteit Ulrichsberg (Festival der Regionen 2005), Citykaserne (Stadttheater Hildesheim 2006), Buurtkroket (Museum de Paviljoens 2007), and Huisstijl de luxe (RGC Doetinchem 2008).

With thanks to: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst