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Six Petritsch Six Petritsch

Six⁄Petritsch (A)
I′m too tired to tell you

@ Rokin 114a, Amsterdam

Opening Thu Mar 22, 17.00 – 21.00
Exhibition Mar 23 – 25, 14.00 – 18.00

agentur: invited the Austrian artists Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch to present their installation I′m too tired to tell you at the transit location Rokin 114a in Amsterdam. The exhibition will comprise some of their recently accomplished works ranging from photographs to video, as well as the Raumbuch, a book object in which space implodes. At the opening, the artists will be present.

The artists Six⁄Petritsch focus on the human perception of space in everyday situations. By revealing basic structures of existence, they play with the paradox and poetic layers of life. Their works develop out of an exploration of a room or a space, which forms the emotional framework for real and media– spawn vestiges from sculptural, architectural, and narrative fragments of image and space. The apparently absurd, shallow test series create poetic and powerful parables about the conditio humana – they address themes such as the vulnerability of man in space, tightness and expanse, the fear of falling, and the meaningfulness of ′ work′ and ′ doing′ .

" ... Uncertainty, bottomlessness, and vertigo arise particularly in and around spaces which lack clear bounds and coordinates, but they are also evident in situations in which human action and perception are exposed to failure or at least to a sense of fragile seriousness. Six⁄Petritsch place themselves – and thus vicariously their viewers as well – in these kinds of extreme situations…"
Excerpt from: Thomas Trummer, "Gefährdung, Entzug und grundloses Aushalten. Zur Kunst von Nicole Six und Paul Petritsch," 2005.

With thanks to: Het Weduwen en Wezen Fonds, Arti and Österreichische Botschaft, Den Haag