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Sculptures in an Extended Field* –I
Events and screenings series devised by Francesco Bernardelli – part one

Thur May 24: Paola Anzichè (I) and Coline Garcia (F): The Functional Fake Objects. Performance
Mon May 28: Gestures beyond Repetition: Historical video screening assembled by Francesco Bernardelli
Thur May 31: Marzia Migliora (I): Artist′s presentation & Screening

All performances and screenings start at 20.30

How do certain interests in sculptural form and situated installations materialize into actions or living installations? Neither concerned with re–staging or re–enacting referential performance art, nor with simply quoting pre–existing historical examples, some artists seem to be more confident in choosing a format which is able to stretch expectations and modes of reading related to performance work. While opting for a sculptural⁄performative installation – sometimes enacted or mediated also within the specific realm of video technology – these art practices establish a relation(ship) with the fluent dynamics inherent in bodily presence and architecture.

*Reference to Rosalind E. Krauss: "Sculpture in the Expanded Field" (1978) contained in "The Originality of the Avant–garde and other Modernist Myths", Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1985

Paola Anzichè & Coline Garcia: The functional fake objects live

The recent project The functional fake objects has been developed from an interest in a two–folded direction – furniture design and physical gesture. Based on a photographic series devoted to the relation between ideas of functionality and ephemeral sculptures, Anzichè has been developing a body of work that always takes form through sculptural installations and choreographed actions. The artist is primarily interested in looking for similarities between contemporary dance′s postures and the basic shapes of modern design. The body and the person, in this regard, seem to represent a privileged testing ground in order to explore the ergonomics and functional parameters, which are the result of an experimental modern tradition, introduced by design onto the adaptable possibilities of human bodies. On the opening evening the acrobat and dancer Coline Garcia will offer two live interpretations (scheduled at 8.30 and 9.15 pm).

Paola Anzichè was born in Milan (1975), graduated at the Brera Fine Arts Academy and at the St├Ądelschule, Frankfurt am Main. She recently took part in exhibitions and screening nights at HMKV Kunstverein Dortmund, TAT Frankfurt⁄Main, Museum Abteiberg Mönchengladbach, and Stadthausgalerie Münster. In March 2007, she had a solo exhibition at Placentia Arte, Piacenza (I).

Gestures beyond Repetition

Historical videos screening assembled by Francesco Bernardelli

Ben (Vautier), Linda Benglis, Joseph Beuys, Alighiero Boetti, Christian Boltanski, Gino de Dominicis, Robert Filliou, Simone Forti, Joan Jonas, Urs L├╝thi, Toni Morgan, Panamarenko, Katharina Sieverding, Hannah Wilke

Marzia Migliora: Artist′s presentation and screening

Marzia Migliora tells stories, that often refer to cultural and collective memories or to her own individual past. The events she talks about in her work are charged emotionally and mostly bound to her childhood, to games, or to deeper, intimate feelings. In Migliora′s work, however, the memory is never idyllic, but it is always a complexity of values and ambivalence of emotions Her pieces – mainly photographs and videos – deal with themes such as time, or how to test your own abilities, limits and resistance. Besides this, they also investigate the effect of our emotions.

As poignantly synthetized by Ilaria Bonacossa "Marzia Migliora′s world is built of small things. Memory and personal experiences are the inspiration for her work, which includes video, photography but also sculpture and installation. This young Turinese artist is often the centre of her own work. Putting herself into question becomes a means of self expression and growth – in this way her works represent a continuous exercise of self–knowledge. Testing the limits of one′s own body in order to strengthen the mind, influencing actions and thoughts, is a psychological strategy of resistance. Words become in her work a refined instrument to investigate the past, to play with memory evoking intense and ambiguous emotions."

"Our body is what separates us from the outside world, it is both armour and a blanket of pores open to feeling. It is a space that captures happenings, a vulnarable territory of feelings, an insurmountable limit between outside and inside." (Marzia Migliora)

With thanks to Outline & Christine van den Bergh, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst