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Sandra Schaefer

Passing the Rainbow
Artist Talk and Discussion with Ruth Sonderegger (Philosopher, Universiteit van Amsterdam), Amal van Hees (NGO′s and International Relations, Webster University) and Sandra Schäfer (D) (Media Artist and Researcher). Moderator: Karin Christof (artistic director, agentur:)

Thu, Feb 22, 20.00 – 22.00

The Artist Talk of Sandra Schäfer will be followed by a discussion on the construction and perception of staged realities, the relationships between the authentic and the faked, and situations in which fiction and everyday life intermingle, both spatially and socially.

Realities are screened, sometimes staged or produced. People perform, adapting to different roles and patterns in which the authentic and the acted experiences intermingle. The presentation of the work in progress by Sandra Schäfer and Elke Brandenburger shows fragments of these twisted realities in which we see people that have voluntarily participated in a staged demonstration and were interviewed after the filming. The 90–minute documentary Passing the Rainbow is constructed around the demonstration scene of the film Osama, the first Afghan feature film shot after the fall of the Taliban regime in Kabul.

Almost a thousand women participated in this scene, re–enacting a street demonstration for womens′ labor rights, which had in reality taken place in the beginning of the Taliban regime. Sandra Schäfer and Elke Brandenburger were interested in the particular associations these women encountered between their former authentic experience and the filmed scene, as some of the actresses were also participants in the initial demonstration as activists for Afghan womens′ movements. Performances in the demonstration scene reveal underlying structures of the social environment experienced by these women in their everyday lives. As actresses in a scene, they break two deeply rooted social laws: firstly, they take the dishonorable job of acting; and secondly, they identify themselves in their provocative role as demonstrators (even if covered with Burka).

With thanks to the Goethe Institut, Webster University, the Witte Ruijter – art quarter of De Baarsjes, Amsterdam and the kind communication of Miruna Dragan – Artist and Lecturer in Art, Art History and Media Communications Departments, Webster University, Leiden.