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Rokko Miyoshi Rokko Miyoshi

Rokko Miyoshi (J)
Installation Looking Down

opening: May 30 15.00 – 19.00
May 30 – Jun 06, by appointment

Rokko Miyoshi is a guest artist from Belgium using the studio space of agentur:.
For the installation Backside Mirror, Miyoshi is constructing a virtual mirror that will force the viewers to look at themselves. Attracted by a sound coming out of the middle of the floor, the viewers will be seduced to eavesdrop and peer down a hole in the floor. "In order to see what is inside the hole the viewer will have to crouch down and be on all fours, leaving them in an awkward pose and situation and they will discover this when they see that the person that they are looking at are themselves. The viewer therefore becomes the viewee."

In the annex room, Miyoshi will be showing artificial landscapes, made with miniature plastic models. He is playing with scale, manipulating the act of seeing and the diverse ways of perceiving life and the ways to live.