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On Architecture 1

On architecture and other stories –1
Film screening of Ayako Yoshimura (J), Quirijn Kuchlein (NL), Jérôme Schlomoff (F) & Mounir Fatmi (MAR)

Fri Mar 17, 20.30

On architecture and other stories is a film program with a live music performance. All the artists and filmmakers involved are currently based in Amsterdam, and will be present. With a very singular and strong cinematographic language, these films bring in perspective the cultural and political ideologies on urban development and landscape construction. The films are being screened for the first time in the Netherlands.

Places – a city, a video work of Ayako Yoshimura, is made out of still photographs taken from a number of observation points in six different large cities in the world such as Tokyo, Shanghai, São Paolo, Chicago, NYC and Yokohama. All the images are seamlessly joined together creating one big city, missing significant landmarks such as traffic and signs – the loss of the site/city in favour of globalisation.

The film Neeltje Jans by Quirijn Kuchlein is part of the larger body of works De Belofte/ The Promise. It deals with the ideological aspects of Dutch landscape. Quirijn Kuchlein will perform live during the projection, with tape and live–electronics using noise–generator, sine–wave and ring–modulation.

New York Zéro Zéro by Jérôme Schlomoff was realized in New York and driven by the question "How to live in a city nowadays?". With a self–constructed camera, Schlomoff is using the concept of the camera obscura. The images attained are of intense brilliance, leaving the spectator questioning his own perception of urban landscape and environment.

Finally, the video Horizontal Fall by Mounir Fatmi is a report about the destruction of a tower in a residential area, in the suburb of Paris in 2000.