projectruimte voor kunst
Opening Performance

Objects and Performances
Blumfeldt Weekmaker (NL), Maarten Sleeuwits (NL), Gerben Hermanus (NL), Thomas Bagge (DK)

Opening address by Jellichje Reijnders (NL)

opening: March 3, 18.00 - 22.00
March 4 - 18, by appointment

agentur: starts her program with a group exhibition containing videowork by Thomas Bagge, ingeniously small furniture sculptures by Maarten Sleeuwits and a three-dimensional installation with drawings by Gerben Hermanus. During the opening art publicist Jellichje Reijnders will give a short introduction followed by a performance of Blumfeldt Weekmaker of ‘naïve Dutch songs’ accompanied by a melodious drum computer. In the front space a high table is installed presenting various objects that can be touched and handled by visitors. The appearance of these three-dimensional constructions can be altered by moving certain parts.

With thanks to: Ymere, Stadsdeel de Baarsjes