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Neddam & Yuming Neddam & Yuming

Martine Neddam (F) and Mu Yuming (CN)
Presentation A Virtual Person Made in China

Thu Mar 31, 19.00

A ′memory mapping′ book is part of the traveling boat exhibition Water Memory Mapping, which starts on the 20th of May in Amsterdam, traveling on to Arnemuiden in Zeeland. agentur: shows the final presentation of the Arnemuidenproject for which Hamano has been collecting resources in the Dutch fishermen′s village Arnemuiden to produce her drawings and short video works.

A virtual character is going to be developed: an artistic cooperation between the French artist Martine Neddam and the Chinese artist and curator Mu Yuming. Their working process forms a central part of the presentation, as well as a short presentation of the artist in residency in Liang Shuo, the Venice of China, where Mu Yuming comes from. Yuming is currently a resident at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam.

Martine Neddam has worked as a visual artist since 1988. Her work encompasses a series of sculptures, installations, photographic work and public comissions that have a direct relationship to language, works that have been featured in numerous galleries, exhibitions and public comissions across Europe. During a period when she was working on a large number of public comissions, she turned to the Internet, a relatively new medium for artistic expression at the time (1996), which also allowed her to return to autonomous artistic production. As an experiment with the medium, she created a cyber–persona in 1996 which became an internet star. In 2001, she created a new virtual person based on different principles. Both characters are still living a very interactive online existence, while remaining totally independant from their author′s identity. In 2005 Martine Neddam will be creating two new internet characters. Besides the Chinese virtual person, she will be creating a young moslim girl in collaboration with artists from Marseille in France.

Mu Yuming likes to tear down the white walls, which safely show contemporary art. He chooses to create disorder and failures. He believes that artistic language is more than a form in which an artist can express himself, it can be a form of communication and therefore art can be a force for social change.

In China (Kunming) as well as in Oslo, Mu Yuming made paintings on the street with the collaboration of a lot of passers–by. Now he′s working on a new ′toy′, which combines painting, video, performance and interactivity.