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Natacha Lesueur

Natacha Lesueur (F)
Performance Culinary Setting

Thu Jun 16, 19.00

A ′culinary setting′ is a composition of cooked food ingredients displayed in a space on the floor or on wires in the air. Taking its shape from the classics of minimal sculpture, it is meant to be eaten by the audience during a peculiar social event such as an opening. A few photos or a video are archiving this moment.

"Vision is not purely a mechanical process. It is intimately connected to our emotions – particularly desire and revulsion.
Humans as a species are hard–wired to scan the visual field and identify – often at a subconscious level – the things that are important for survival: particularly bodies, faces, and food.
It is no coincidence that these innate optical passions are routinely utilized in advertising photography to capture and hold our attention. It is with full consciousness of these forces that artist Natacha Lesueur has engaged both photography and food presentation techniques to create art that makes the viewer self aware of the visual habits of desire and possessiveness.

As a counterpoint to her photographs of the body, Lesueur has investigated this subject through a series of interactive installations collectively titled ′arrangements culinaires′. Playing off the food buffets that are usually offered at exhibition openings, these edible installations at first glance resemble minimalist sculpture. As the audience begins its tentative sampling, the curious (and hungry) crowd slowly transforms the cool, formalist presentation into biological theatre. The normally unconscious act of eating becomes spectacle, irrefutably linking the eye with the body."
(Richard Klein)

With thanks to Maison Descartes