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Matthijs de Bruijne Matthijs de Bruijne

Matthijs de Bruijne (NL)
Presentation Dependance Buenos Aires

Thurday Nov 17, 20.00

"The archive of the SECLO, an institution of the Argentinean Ministry of Labour, was established as an obligatory pre-court mediation service for labour conflicts. On the shelves, the colour pink prevails. These are files containing complaints issued by employees against their employers. Dependance Buenos Aires investigates the consequences of the social and economic reforms which transformed Argentina during the 1990's. Attracted by the new conditions, multinational companies installed themselves in the country. Among them was ING Insurance, a Dutch company specializing in life insurances. In this installation, two former ING salesmen reveal their seductive strategies. Utilizing the image of an orange lion, they invited potential clients to ‘become part of the dominant species’. The company's advertisement campaigns emphasized its ‘seriousness and reliability’. ‘Dutch Excellence’ sold very well. In February 2004, ING surprisingly closed its branches and dismissed its sales team. An ING spokesman explained: "Big multinationals work with market compensation and when there is a problem in one country, investments are shifted to another." In the SECLO archives, hundreds of pink files carry the name ING Insurance on the lead sheet."
(Text by Matthijs de Bruijne / Javier Martínez)

For this art project, Matthijs de Bruijne cooperated with Javier Martinez who lives in Buenos Aires.