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Jan van der Ploeg Jan van der Ploeg

Jan van der Ploeg (NL)
′WALL PAINTING No. 135. Staff, 2005′

opening: Jun 29, 2005 19.00
Jun 30 – Sep 5

For our summer exhibition agentur: has invited Jan van der Ploeg to make a design for a mural in the exhibition space. The design consists of a horizontal divide in five colors placed upon the inner walls of agentur:. On the outside of the building, on the two pilars on the side of the entry, colored lines have been applied. This results in the outer space loosing its distant character and becoming part of the inner space. In addition to this, the reflections on the windows allow different perceptions of this spatial piece.

Van der Ploeg′s paintings would be best described as ′space–paintings′. With their well–considered vocabulary of color, their almost three–dimensional working in optical terms, and their smooth texture added to the existing architecture, they not only become self–contained spaces, but they stress the surrounding space simultaneously by being almost absorbed into it.