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Isolt Winkler

Isolt Winkler (D)
Video Presentation Inaccessible In–betweens

opening: Sep 8, 2005 19.00
Sep 9 – 11, 17.00 – 20.00

Isolt Winkler has spent eight days and eight nights in the space of the foundation agentur: in Amsterdam, sleeping in the front presentation space. This formed the starting–point for her video work Inaccessible In–betweens which is projected on one wall of agentur:, reflecting itself on the adjacent window pane.

The spoken texts are developed from the reveries Isolt engaged herself in the period she spent in the room. The video images are recorded from the surrounding streets, shot by the artist hunting for the in–betweens created by interjacent bodies of people crossing one another on the streets.

In this presentation, the spectator himself is placed in between word and image.

With thanks to ZIM Rotterdam