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Ilya Rabinovich Ilya Rabinovich

Ilya Rabinovich (IL)
Video Installation Lelijk is het niet

opening: Feb 10, 19.00 – 23.00
Feb 11 – 13, 19.00 – 23.00

Ilya Rabinovich (Kisheniev, USSR 1965) grew up in Russia and Israel. In 1998, he came to Holland for a residency at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. Rabinovich has worked in the Ukraine, Mexico, Jeruzalem, Tel Aviv and Berlin. After all these projects, agentur: is honored to present his latest piece, the video Lelijk is het niet.
The artist made this video during the deconstruction of the building of Smart Project Space in 2004. The piece is build up out of hundreds of stills that have been mounted together. This way, we see a precisely constructed slow motion of the tearing down of the structure.

The demolition of the building resulted in a personal feeling of nostalgia, not only since the artist worked in the construction for four years in his studio, but also because having grown up in the sixties, he feels connected to the cultural heritage of this era and its sympathetic, optimistic, modernist thought.
The former Jan Swammerdam Instituut at 1e Constantijn Huygensstraat that housed Smart Project Space is one of the many modernistic constructions that are being torn down. Not because of possible construction errors or because of their appearance, but simply because today, every bit of city terrain needs to be used to its maximum. As a consequence, part of our cultural heritage is disappearing. By recording this, Lelijk is het niet eventually surmounts the personal story to become a message to the people saying: "Look what′s happening here. "

Rabinovich′s artistic production mainly derives from strong personal feelings. His youth in Israel has been significant for his artistic development. Making art has become his means of expression, of showing us what is going on in the world and how it is changing.
Ilya Rabinovich has finished the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam in 1999 and has participated in various exhibitions. It is a special occasion for agentur to show this new video project of Rabinovich which is the first confrontation of the artist with that medium. Furthermore, the space of agentur is situated opposite a building which will be torn down in the coming year to make place for the biggest mosque in Amsterdam. Thus, this background gives a good frame for the video presentation Lelijk is het niet which is based on the stills Ilya Rabinovich photographed in the process of demolition of the Smart Project space building in Amsterdam in 2004.