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Humberto Duque

Humberto Duque (MEX)
artist–in–residence, Jul – Sept 2007
Drawings Installation

Opening Sept 27, 19.00 –20.00
Exhibition Sept 28 –30, 15.00–18.00

@ Rokin 114a / next to Arti, Amsterdam

Humberto Duque carefully draws each one of his animations; he combines characters and situations showing only the top of the iceberg and thus builds a narrative that manifests itself through the silent voice of the sketch, a voice that harmonizes with the intimate pleasure of reading. In some way or another these animated narrations, that at first sight seem to be watered down by the absence of sound, leads one to think that something more happens within them. Each artwork is filled with a good dose of the absurd and a sense of humor that allows one to move slowly forward towards an indefinitely open logic, and to enjoy the drawings as one would enjoy a good book whose readings never end.
(Luis C. Hurtado)

With thanks to Arti, Het Weduwen en Wezen Fonds, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst