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Holger Nickisch Holger Nickisch

Holger Nickisch (D)
Installation Sonic Violence 3

opening: May 26, 19.00
May 27 – 29, 14.00 – 18.00

"For Nickisch the making of an installation is like trying to attain a dream, while interpreting and re–interpreting his position in the world. The ′now′ is a starting point and the possibilities to create something new are being tested. In order to reach his goal, he works with things that already exist and that have a fixed meaning. Amongst these are plants, artworks, sounds, and odours. For an exhibition on the relation between the city and nature he plants herbs in the gardens of the residents. Sometimes he lets occurrences lead him and shows pictures full of found objects collected after protest marches.

Nickisch′ installations are direct and powerful. A statement is being made about art and about the world. There has been a lot of thinking about the influence of the media and knowledge on our contemporary society. Do we know more or less now that tonnes of images are being spread around the world and knowledge and information have become accessible to everyone? Should it be taken ironically that even protest marches have professionalized, that protest signs are being mechanically produced? At least it is clear that art should try to live up to these changes. Honousty counts above all and the Nickisch′ romantic vision does not pose a problem but provides a solution. The way in which he places images and art pieces together, tells us a personal story. In this way, he surmounts collage as well as bricollage and shows us a new way to deal with images."

(Excerpt from Kunstbeeld nr. 04 2005)