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Emiko Kato Emiko Kato

Emiko Kato (J)
Talk about RICE+ and AAN projects in Japan
accompanied by a Nikujaga soup

Fri Nov 4, 20.00

Emiko Kato is co–director of AAn (Art Autonomy Network) which targets independent art organizations and individuals with the aim to develop a worldwide network within the contemporary art scene. Kato is working on creating art projects within the social context, writing articles for art magazines and teaching Art Management at the Musashino Art University in Tokyo. At the moment Kato is doing a research on the situation of artists′ initiatives and organizations in Holland.

Emiko Kato curated art exhibitons as Vent d′Est (Paris), AKARUIE (Tokyo) or J–way (Stockholm) and has run the alternative art space RICE+ in Tokyo. Kato is a committee member of art festivals relating to community based art projects such as Asahi Art Festival (Tokyo) and Wanakio (Okinawa).

At agentur: Kato will present some of her recent projects in Japan.
Emiko Kato lives in Tokyo and works in Tokyo and Yokohoma.

With thanks to: Asia – Europe Foundation & De Witte Ruijter – the art project from Stadsdeel de Baarsjes, Amsterdam