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Dustin Larson Dustin Larson

Dustin Larson (USA)
Artist in residence, Jul–Dec 2005
Installation Top Hat

Tue Dec 13, 19.00

"Dustin Larson is a young American who with his work provides an often sarcastic commentary on his being as an artist and the limitations that go with it. A tart sense of humour lies at the heart of his ready–mades, performances and photographs. As a rule, Larson restrains himself to small additions to everyday situations and objects. Assemblage is his most characteristic strategy. Larson makes work that often calls itself – or at least the place that it takes – into question. Good for nothing shows a pile of old furniture in which Larson spied letters. He marked these letters and piles the pieces of furniture so that they spell out the title of the work. In Untitled, two flags and a pole, Chicago, Larson turns his mocking gaze on a national symbol, thereby delivering a powerful statement. Larson shows four photographs of a flagpole, on which not one but two ′Stars and Stripes′ fly. In the first photographs this doubling remains hidden, but in the last image the two flags flap resolutely in opposite directions. It is obvious to interpret the photographs as a metaphor for the political schizophrenia of the United States. Larson seems to want to suggest that the ideals that define the self–image of the United States are in shrill contrast to its political reality, which is their mirror or negative image. "

For the presentation at agentur:, Larson will display some of his recent experiments undertaken while in residency at agentur: from July to December 2005. The artist will present a group of ′snapshot′ photos of slighly staged insertions in public space around Amsterdam.