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Bettina Springer Bettina Springer

Bettina Springer (D)
Artist–in–residence, Feb–Jun 2004

Spacer – The Art of Transforming Space
Presentation of research project

Thu Jun 17, 20.00

Bettina Springer is an artist–in–residence from Berlin, who deals in her work with the impact of art on property and neighborhoods. Writing her PhD at the Humboldt Universität in Berlin and having received a research fellowship at the UvA, she has, among other things, spent six months in Amsterdam studying the De Witte Ruijter project in De Baarsjes, in order to compare her findings to another case study in Berlin. Springer investigates the possibility of using art as a service provider for real estate renovating purposes.

The Art of Transforming Space is an extract on arts–led urban and property renewal in Berlin and Amsterdam.

Die Leerstelle

Jun 18 – 21.00

The attractiveness of art, its image – the image– transfer to the built environment – the upgrading of space, this all shares a recurrent moment: Die Leerstelle, ′de lege plaats′ which has at least five translations in English: ′vacancy′, ′space′, ′hole′, ′gap′ or ′blank′. These five words circle around the same meaning but evoke different connotations. They can all stand for something missing or for something open – open to the new, the innovative, to ideas, to dreams, to oneself. The words have to be freed from their usual negative associations giving the chance they themselves offer. They are the open door within space and art that just has to be entered by questioning this. They are the invitation to participation. "Art, capable of making the invisible visible, is able to transform space, to reframe holes, to package blanks." (P. Klee)

At agentur:, the vacancy that frames itself with its own descriptions and associations, forms the exhibition. Artistically the space points to itself – waiting for the spectator to accomplish the transformation by resuming found thoughts and imaginations.