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Haude, Frey & Koentje Haude, Frey & Koentje

Bertram Haude, Peter Frey & Angela Köntje (D)

@ de KunstVlaai A.P.I. 08, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam

opening: Saturday May 10, 16.00
Exhibition: Sun 11 till Sun 18, 12.00 – 18.00

German artists Betram Haude, Angela Köntje and Peter Frey represent agentur: at KunstVlaai 08 in Amsterdam, with recent videoworks. For the agentur: in transit: presentation the art historian and curator Vera Lauf will discuss their collaborative projects, such as Demokratie als Prozess or the publication Entenrepublik. Those realized projects impart essential questions regarding conditions of democracy in relation to public art projects, artist′s chances to appropriate and create spaces and the self–organization it requires. Through exhibitions, workshops, presentations and publications they create a platform for dialogues between theoreticians and practicians, artists and curators, activists and theoriticians, artists and the public.

Peter Frey & Angela Köntje (D)

Multichannel–Video (Mini–DV on DVD) ⁄ Display
2007, 7′30 min., color. sound

"This work re–stages a sequence of Pasolini′s Film Teorema that describes the different states of ′becoming′ an artist. In contrast to the Pasolini version, here two actors re–enact the original character in turns." (A. Köntje and P. Frey).
The use of requisites is consciously reduced to a minimal level, such as a dress that is alternately worn, and that refers to the primary temporal setting of the movie, or several glass panes that are being painted with water. The original setting of the film that consists of a bourgeois adolescent chamber from the Sixties and a painter′s studio, is replaced by a cold production space that provides no context to the actions that take place in the video.
The English soundtrack is taken from the original version and has been reinterpreted as a ′playback′. The piece deals with issues of how to become an artist, and focuses on the constraints and conditions one encounters along the way. It also forges definitions of an ideal work of art and concepts of an artwork in which the artists′ social context is subtly negotiated.

Bertram Haude (D)

2007, 7:35min, loop

Leicester Square in London is one of the places where street artists – particular portrayers – quickly manufacture cheap, more or less badly drawn pictures. These portrayers have to pay for a license from the city council – this costs 30 pounds a day. The portrayers have no fixed prices and no agreement amongst them has been made regarding their fees.

"I also arranged a sort of ′artist–stand′ – not without trouble from my fellow portrayers, who were unwilling to face a new rival in business. I spoke to the passers–by, as they did, and offered a low priced portait. If somebody wanted to have one made, he or she selected the kind of paper, the size of the paper, and the medium: pencil, carbon or ink. After this, I fixed the paper on a drawing–board, handed it to them and asked them to draw a portrait of me, instead of me drawing a picture of them. If the portrait was good, I offered them a little money. If somebody wanted to keep the drawing, they would pay me for it. I managed to get 18 ′customers′ and 9 sketches. Nobody wanted to keep their own work. Nearly everybody had never drawn or painted a portrait before. Some of them strictly disliked getting paid, because, they said it′s not worth to get money for such a poor drawing. In spite of this, there was a very informal atmosphere and many interesting talks evolved about how to look closer at something, and about vision itself."

With thanks to: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Deutsche Botschaft Den Haag, KunstVlaai A.P.I. & 2x2projects