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Auke Wieringa Auke Wieringa

Auke Wieringa (NL)
Installation Behang

opening: Jun 3, 19.00
Jun 4 – 5, 14.00 – 18.00

The graphic designer Auke Wieringa plays on the borderline between art and graphic design. The picture Behang is assembled of different pieces, put together on one wall of agentur, thus forming an imaginary landscape. This idyllic landscape of a view from the Alps in Europe is fragmented and re–arranged in a black–and–white photographic image. Put in a box, it can be transported home to support the owner with a new view.

Working with found footage, we could find reference to the ′Appropriationists′ and especially the German artist Hans–Peter Feldmann. Lacking any commentary, these pictures remind us that images accrue different meanings according to the context in which they appear. And it is this politics of the image that Feldmann has reminded audiences of throughout his career.

Wieringa takes the images from the mass media where he spans the wide world of kitsch: an idyllic landscape, which even in grainy reproductions still harbors the promise of ′beauty′. A trove that reflects the allure of advertising and personal and collective longings, as well as the banality of the ′ petit bourgeois ′ everyday.