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The Witte Ruijter – Art and Urban Renewal?

@ Meneer de Wit, Witte de Withstraat 10, Amsterdam

Thursday April 26, 20.00

Jeroen Boomgaard (Lectoraat Kunst en de publieke ruimte, Rietveldacademie, Amsterdam)

Guest speakers:
Peter Dortwegt (director Stadia, office for urban innovation and enterprise, Amsterdam)
Marie Louise Boel (gallerist MLB, projectmanager of urban projects, Amsterdam)
Daniela Swarowsky (curator / cultural activist, initiator Zenith in Motion, Rotterdam)
Karin Christof (curator / writer, initiator agentur:)
Huub Bongers (designer project culturele broedplaatsen, Bongers itS, Amsterdam)
Els Reijnders (staff member Amsterdams Foundation of the Arts, Amsterdam)
Nicoline van Harskamp (artist, Amsterdam)

De Witte Ruijter, the art project of the municipality de Baarsjes in Amsterdam, will be the starting point for a discussion on the role of artists′ initiatives in urban renewal areas in general. More specifically, the discussion will also deal with the role of De Witte Ruijter as a part of the overall Amsterdam cultural policy. What role are artists′ initiatives given in Dutch cultural politics at the moment? What is the long term vision for (art) projects implemented in urban development areas? Is a ′top down′ method for (art) projects – as used for the De Witte Ruijter project – the appropriate means to guarantee the wanted results?

These and other questions will be discussed and linked to developments taking place in other (European) cities. Policy advisors, experts and cultural initiators involved in these urban development projects will demonstrate their points of view on the subject.

With thanks to: Meneer de Wit, Amsterdam